In an event to rival F1, St Ives holds first Mobility Scooter Grand Prix !

Mobility scooters took to the grid in St Ives for the first Mobility Scooter Grand Prix, putting their top speeds of 4mph to the test.

The competition took part at the weekend and had over 20 competitors battling it out for the title, but in contrast to the dangerous and fast paced world of F1, this Grand Prix was conducted by individual time trials.

Competitors had to complete a lap as quickly as possible with them using the same brand of mobility scooter to keep an even playing field.

Early pace setter was Beckie MacLellan in her mobility scooter cleverly disguised as Thomas the Tank Engine with the times gradually reduced until mobility user Bob Marston set a course best, a speedy 26.31 seconds seeing him lift the trophy at the end of the day. The winning trophy was donated by Terry’s Heel Bar and handed to Bob by the new mayor of St Ives, Cllr Debbie Townsend.

You can watch the Grand Prix action here.

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Photo by: steegeedee/Instagram


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