Could pomegranates prevent Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease?

There has recently been a substantial amount of research promoting superfoods and their anti-aging properties, however the latest discovery could help to slow the process of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease!

Five foods that help slow ageing

Ageing is something that all of us have to go through, but there are also ways you can help to slow the natural phenomenon. One of these ways is through the food we eat, which can have a massive impact on our lives. The Mediterranean diet is said to be one that slows brain ageing, […]

Star Wars inspired droid may be the solution to loneliness

R2-D2 style droid as a companion with C3PO

Japanese experts have revealed plans for a Star Wars inspired droid to provide company for socially isolated people such as the elderly.

Five film characters who prove older is better!

When it comes to Hollywood, the emphasis seems to be on the younger generation to clinch the roles in films. However, there are a number of older characters who certainly hold their own, and quite often steal the limelight on the silver screen! We have taken a look at five of our favourites.

In an event to rival F1, St Ives holds first Mobility Scooter Grand Prix !


Mobility scooters took to the grid in St Ives for the first Mobility Scooter Grand Prix, putting their top speeds of 4mph to the test.

Mobility scooter used to rescue injured walker


It sounds like a scenario straight out of a sketch show, but recently down in Cornwall a man who was injured after a fall on a path was rescued by a mobility scooter!

Six seated exercises to help keep you active

As we age, our bodies will experience muscle loss, which is inevitable unfortunately. The loss of muscle mass can result in a higher risk of a person suffering a fall, and a subsequent fracture as a result of this. As we get older, our range of mobility may not be what it once was, meaning […]

Increase in over 90’s are getting hip replacements to be more active


  There has been a rise in pensioners over the age of 90 demanding knee and hip surgeries to maintain their active lives as they head into their older years.