Increase in over 90’s are getting hip replacements to be more active


There has been a rise in pensioners over the age of 90 demanding knee and hip surgeries to maintain their active lives as they head into their older years.  We are seeing this increase due to the improvements within the medical field combined with a demand for greater mobility amongst seniors, with hospital statistics noting that surgery is now not uncommon for those aged over 100! In 2015 there was 156 hip replacements for patients over 100 years old showing that there is always time to become more mobile!

Hip surgery is now considered relatively routine and NHS figures show the number of hip operations on people aged over 90 has increased by 38 per cent in the past decade from 5,195 to 7,166. This is usually carried out on patients who have suffered wear in the joint of their knee and have the operation to be mobile and pain free.

Knee-replacement operations for patients over 90 has also risen by 74%, from 314 in 2005/06 to 546 in 2014/15.

Caroline Abrahams, of the charity Age UK, said: ‘When it comes to an older person’s health, their date of birth actually tells you very little. In many cases, a fit and healthy 80-year-old could run rings round someone years younger who is less fortunate and who is coping with several long-term medical conditions.’

Before adding: ‘Too often, decisions about treatment have been made on the basis of age alone, with informal cut-offs imposed so that those over a certain age have been denied treatment or asked to pay for it. So it is great news that attitudes and practice are starting to shift, with more older people getting access to the help they need to stay well and independent.’

A recent study by the Royal Voluntary Service found people heading into their retirement years plan to have an active life with 38% of those aged 60 to 69 saying they planned to travel to new countries in their 70s with a further 28% saying they wanted to get into shape.

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